Thursday, October 19, 2017

Monuments: Blessings or Curses? (Joel Saint)

Identifying Presbyterian Statism (by Brian Schwertley)

PBS Vaccine Debate

This vaccine debate on PBS, which took place at least a couple years ago, is an example of the superior arguments of those who oppose vaccines. Watch especially the critiques of vaccines by Janet Edghill.

For more about vaccines, see our ongoing "Vaccine Pandemic" series.

7 Forbidden Foods the Bible Actually Approves (by Mischelle Sandowich)

"7 Forbidden Foods the Bible Actually Approves" is an excellent piece by Mischelle Sandowich of Reformed Health about the Bible's approval of foods that some modern diets reject. (While it is true that, due to the Fall, one can have intolerances to certain foods that Scripture approves, this does not mean that such exceptions should mean that such foods should be considered bad for everyone.)

Read the article here.